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Utilities Surveys

Underground Service Tracing

Utility mapping or Underground Service Tracing is a service that provides verification and location of buried services and structures. This service is recommended when undertaking all forms of design and construction work.

Our survey teams utilise the latest Electro Magnetic Detection equipment as well as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to establish the location and depths of services such as electric, gas, water, telecommunications and fibre optics.

What will you get?

All utilities information will be provided in the form of AutoCAD drawings. Usually services surveys are carried out in conjunction with an accurate Topographical Survey which is then overlain to show all buried and surface details together.

Desktop Searches

This service is recommended and often required before any utility mapping is carried out. It involves the acquisition of all plans and information from the relevant statutory bodies. The information will improve the overall quality of the final survey and often highlight any services which may be undetectable by means of survey on site.


Scan & Model offer utilities surveys to PAS-128 standards on request.


Other Utilities Services

  • Drainage Survey

  • CCTV Survey

We can supply utility mapping as 2D CAD or 3D & BIM models.

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