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King's Theatre

Revit Model - LOD 400

The team at Scan & Model were approached by a major architectural firm with a request to carry out a full point cloud survey of an iconic theatre in the heart of Edinburgh city.

The site was laser scanned using the latest in Leica HD scanning technology. Utilising the Leica RTC terrestrial scanner the team were able to take full advantage of the speed and power of this equipment to capture a huge amount of survey data per day. This ensured as little disruption as possible to the programme of the working theatre.

Final deliverables for the project included; a topographical survey, point cloud data, Revit model and panoramic imagery, as well as 2D plans, sections & elevations.

There was a key requirement for the model to include all architectural detail of historic or architectural relevance and therefore the model was built to an LOD 400 specification.

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