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Scan to BIM

What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM modelling involves the capture of existing structures and sites using 3D Laser Scanners. This measured data, in the form of Point Cloud information, is then converted into a fully parametric, BIM-ready, 3D model.  

Why use us?


  • We have a broad range of experience modelling a wide variety of sites and structures.

  • Our team are UK based and develop all families and templates in-house.

  • We are constantly improving our modelling methods. Our team are always creating and improving our sophisticated components and templates to allow for efficient model creation.

  • We use point cloud extraction tools, photogrammetry and mesh modelling software that allows us to handle almost any project, no matter how complex.

  • We invest in the latest software and technology.

  • We understand building materials & construction techniques.

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