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Measured Building Survey

Priors Croft, Great Malvern

Client: Confidential

Location: Great Malvern, Worcestershire

Project Type: Measured Survey - 2D Floor Plans and Elevations

Description of Property/Site

Originally constructed in the late 18th century as a private residence named Reginald Tower, the building had undergone various transformations, serving as an estate agents' office, a council building, and most recently, a nightclub known as Priors Croft. 

The site had a number of access limitations due to overgrown foliage and blocked entrances.



Survey Scope and Method

The measured survey was carried out using a combination of the Leica C10 and BLK360 Terrestrial Laser Scanners.

Floor plans of the cellar, ground floor, first floor and tower, as well as elevation views of all external facades were created in 2D AutoCAD format as requested by the client.

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