Andy Jackson
Director & Co-Founder


BSc (HONS) in Engineering & HND in Construction

20 years of experience within the surveying, engineering, architecture and construction industry.
2006 - Spearheaded the move to Revit to become one of the first companies in the world to offer as-built survey in Revit format.
2014 – Relocated to Australia to develop BIM surveys and 3D modelling for Project Surveyors.
2017 - Director and Co-founder of Scan and Model Ltd.


Phil Tapp


BSc (HONS) in Geology


12 years of experience within surveying and AEC industry, holding previous positions of Senior Surveyor & BIM manager.  
Phil has vast experience in using various surveying equipment such as total stations, GPS, Laser scanning, underground service tracing, photogrammetry, and aerial drone photography.  His roles in Project and BIM management has led him to manage survey and CAD/BIM teams throughout a projects lifecycle.  
 - Experience in surveying, registration, CAD & BIM, Project Management.


James Turner
BIM\Cad Technician

BSc (HONS) in Geography

6 years in the surveying industry as a CAD/BIM quality technician, with experience of surveying/laser scanning and registration.